Backend Developer

Experience : 0 – 7 Yrs
 Design and develop highly available, scalable, secured, high performing API/backend components using Node JS, TypeScript, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, SNS, CloudFront, etc., on AWS serverless stack
 Implement design principles using domain driven design, CQRS, event sourcing and event driven architecture  Familiarity with automated CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Cloud Formation would be a plus
 Develop the code following the coding standards
 Develop functional databases, applications and servers to support websites on the back end.
 Conduct unit tests and participate in planning sessions.
 Commit code on bit Bucket  Track the progress using Jira
 Prepare documentation using Confluence
 Stay abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages
 Provide accurate estimates, delivery dates and deliver as per the commitment
 Develop and submit design document for review
 Implement design review and code review comments
 Participate in daily scrums and conduct product demos
 Participate in retrospective and contribute to enhance the process
 Collaborate and contribute to the successful delivery as a team

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