Digital Transformation

Zeptoh is helping organizations to become agile and efficient during their digital transformation .

We give you the right advice to create competitive edge, increase customer satisfaction,
minimize the overheads and eventually increase revenue.

Digitalization at Zeptoh

In the ever-changing business atmosphere, whatever your industry is you need to keep pace with the evolvement. The IT world never stops offering solutions for different businesses and every day there’s a chance that a revolutionary digital solution appears.

In the last 20 years, we have seen technology affecting the way of communication between brands and customers, raising customer’s expectations and identifying new needs. This customer-based approach is simply called “Customer experience” and a really good customer experience can change the market forever, exactly like what happened in the taxi & car rental industry after the appearance of the car renting apps.

The convenience, safety, affordability, and professionality have created a good customer experience. And this changed the market forever.

The digital transformation as we know is how we get your business moving to the “Customer experience” approach, letting you benefit from all the looming opportunities.

We help organizations to achieve their potential and support them to adopt new trends, respond to market changes and stay one step ahead of the competition.

To say it simply, the world is going digital and the digital world is dynamic, and we are here to support organizations in getting digitized.

How we do?

Technology is changing the way businesses operate internally, how they deal with suppliers, and how they interact with their customers. And the digital transformation is how any organization will respond to all these changes.

At Zeptoh we help you get the right digital solution, and know your perfectly matching solution, we depend on one magical word. Study!

We study your workflow, we study the newest trends and we study your competitors. We study the best business practices, the internal processes, the end to end cycle, and we depend on experts to do so.

We depend on a network of consultants who have their hands on the pulse of IT, Finance, Marketing, Management, Business intelligence, Online payments, Security, and many more sectors that you will definitely need to smoothly transform your organization into a digital organization with a customer-centric approach.

The Benefits

The right digital solution enables the technical and cultural shift from redundant traditional operations, to sharp and simple steps able to operate, collect & analyse data. And help organizations to take all the privileges of the digital world.

By having the right solution for your business you will get

  • Data and meaningful insights
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Better operations and processes
  • Personalized consultancy
  • Strong Engagement
  • Relevancy into the future


Digital Employee Experience

Increase the employees productivity

Business Operation


Operational Efficiency


Customer Facing

Customer experience

Increase the revenue per customer

Business Model

New revenue streams

Increase the customer base

Digital Transformation Road Map

Digital Maturity Assesment

Digital maturity assesment study.

Establish Digital Use Cases

Digital use case defenition.

Benefit Analysis of use cases

Digital use cases benefit and effect analysis.

Understand your priorities
-stand your priorities

Digital use case priority and quick wins.

Create an Implementation Roadmap
Create a Road map

Use case implementation project plans.

Establish business cases based on the strategy

Monitor and control the implementaion plan.

Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

Strategy and Innovation

Focus on future value and drive fueled by experimentation.

Customer Decision Journey

Deep Analysis and ethynographic research to understand how and why customers make Decisions.

Robotic Process Automation

Reinvented processes and customer journeys through automation and agile process.

Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

Agile , flexible and collaborative processes and capabilities that follow strategy.


2-speed IT to support core functions and rapid development.

Big Data and Analytics

Usable and relevant customer analylitics tied to goals and strategies.

Technology Trends


Cybersecurity is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, The more we depend on the Internet and related technologies, the more we depend on their security. As such, there can be no Digital Transformation without cyber-security. Cybercrime, digital espionage and hactivism (digital activisim) have become serious risks to businesses and consumers.

Social media

Social media and collaboration technologoies enable new ways and drive expectations of interacting , personalization and building relationships within and beyond the organization. It is a key drive to improving the Customer Experience.

Internet Of Things

Connected devices of all kind and cheap sensors integrated nearly everywhere constantly create large amounts of data that need to be managed effectively. This also enables new ways of automated and personal interaction.

Digital Transformation


The possibility to virtualize and consume infrastructure , platforms and applications as a service (XaaS) enables new levels of scalablity , flexiblity and responsiveness . It also gives way to new business and service models.


The uninterrupted trend towards using mobile devices impacts all areas of business and personal life by transforming how people interact, consume information and services, collaborate and work. It allows for consumers to be reached wherever they are and all the time of the day.

Big Data and Analytics

Analytical methods and access to the right data enable the generation of new insights and decision-rich information. Big Data approaches allow to make use of the rapidly increasing amount of data from multiple sources.