Transform your Data in to Business

Structure your Data efficiently, it may be from terabytes to petabytes

As a part of the data engineering services,

Zeptoh provides data warehouse development, data collection, Data processing, Feature Engineering, Data optimization, Machine Learning, and Deployments.

Big Data

Today, big data analytics is no longer just an experimental tool. Many companies have begun to achieve real results with the approach, and are expanding their efforts to encompass more data and models.

Virtually every large company is employing big data technologies not to replace existing architectures, but to augment them. Rather than processing and storing vast quantities of new data in a data warehouse, for example, companies are using Hadoop clusters for that purpose, and moving data to enterprise warehouses as needed for production analytical applications.

Zeptoh provides such and more insight services.

Key Services offered:

Our Data Engineering team helps you drive value from data by using powerful data processing tools and technologies

  • Data Modelling & Consultation
  • We help you to understand what data you possess, where it is distributed and how it can be leveraged

  • ETL Processing
  • We process any data and perform data cleansing, data profiling, normalization, text mining, data extraction, data transformation, load data to data warehouses, and more

  • Data Pipeline
  • One part of our Data engineers is expert in using the necessary tools and others will build and maintain data pipelines

  • Data Migration & Integration
  • Our migration and integration services aim at building a robust and modernized landscape which results in increased business agility

  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Our Data Engineers are experts in moving towards a faster flow of automated software delivery, agile change management helps our customers to change in data trends as and when needed.

  • Support & Maintenance
  • We provide support and maintenance for the complete Data processing procedures to ensure that data is never lost with a change in data trends.

How we do?

We think beyond the Data engineering to know how to offer the meaningful information to our clients to keep them succeeding towards the growth.