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Custom Development

Zeptoh provides custom software development services to companies across diverse industry verticals including Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, eCommerce, Government, Education and has experience working with Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) providing Software Solutions to all these verticals.

These services cover the entire software life-cycle from software conceptualization and requirements gathering to software design and development plus software test automation, software maintenance and Cloud services.

Zeptoh can research, design, develop and transform a marketable idea into a viable product for the end customer.

By outsourcing software development to Zeptoh, the customer will have access to a team of highly creative and motivated developers, designers, architects, and project managers who have successfully delivered Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps to Global Brands.

Software Conceptualization

Zeptoh partners with customers to evolve a product from idea to reality while adhering to project milestones and conducting quality assurance tests along the way.

Zeptoh conducts SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the customers’ products so that the final application gives them a competitive advantage and provides them the best value for their money.

Mobile apps being most prevalent in today’s world, Zeptoh has a specific focus on Mobile technologies including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

It has expertise developing Social Apps, Business Apps, Productivity Apps as well as m-Commerce Branded applications. Zeptoh has experience building software for leading consumer and technology brands including Pepsi, Best Buy, Appvance, WANdisco.

Design and Development

Zeptoh’s development team works closely with the UX design practice to build and design the software as per customer requirements. While using this tight collaboration during ideation, development and deployment, Zeptoh delivers real-time apps and e-Commerce solutions using Web, Mobile and Cloud technologies.

The software architects of Zeptoh have experience in designing and architecting simple as well as complex projects.

They take the customers’ software specifications and create a complete prototype with a user interface design, system architecture and data visualization.

Zeptoh provides Custom Web Design Services utilizing powerful tools like MySQL, Silverlight, AJAX, Java, PHP, C#, CSS3, HTML5 and content management systems like Joomla and WordPress. It has expertise in Node.js, jQuery, AngularJS, ExtJS and other browser automation and web customization technologies.

Software Test Automation

Zeptoh provides highly customizable and productive software test automation services. Based on the customer needs, Zeptoh can design a plan to move from manual to automated testing. This is done by selectively identifying areas where automation software tools can help, and then delivering Testing Frameworks based on process specific needs.

Zeptoh has expertise across multiple test automation tools including Selenium, Appium, jMeter, BlazeMeter, SOAP UI, Sahi and Appvance.

The experts can also help migrate from one test automation tool to another as per the needs of the customer. Using the team’s expertise in Sahi, SaaS based automation, Browser technologies and Javascript, Zeptoh enhanced OpKey, a versatile Test Automation Product from Smart Software Testing Solutions.

Zeptoh services enabled Appvance to create a Unified Test Automation Software platform, making Test Automation easier and more efficient for Fortune 500 customers.

Software Maintenance

Zeptoh’s software maintenance services include version upgrade, patch deployment, migration, Re-Engineering, along with bug fixing and troubleshooting on an ongoing basis. The knowledgeable support personnel provide timely and personalized service using phone, e-mail, or any other method of communication fitting for the customer. Zeptoh can also provide Tier 1, 2 and 3 support options.

Zeptoh’s offshore maintenance services provide a cost-efficient way for companies to build new versions of their products while continuing to maintain the current versions.

The customers can increase or decrease the resources as per their need during the product maintenance cycle. Zeptoh can also replicate the customer environment at the offshore location or use existing capacities at customer locations.

Cloud Services

Zeptoh has experience in providing product and application development services on Cloud for ISV’s and Enterprises using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It has provided Big Data product Benchmarking services by using Functional and Performance Test cases to compare replication technologies of WANdisco and Cloudera.

The Cloud services from Zeptoh range from Native Apps Development to App Modernization & Migration to Management & Automation. These services are provided with a strong focus on cost optimization, innovation and efficiency.

By Outsourcing Software Development to Zeptoh, the customer will get an excellent return on investment (ROI) along with access to the best programming team in the industry.

Dev Process


Zeptoh is completely an Agile based software development company. Successful agile teams can produce higher-quality software better meeting user needs quicker and at a lower cost. Our developers produce superior code that is easier to maintain, adapt and extend. Our agile development practices.








We are also an DevOps Specialist Company focused on making Cloud adoption easy for Enterprises.

As the speed of software development is increasing rapidly, there is a need for Development, Quality Assurance and Operations teams in enterprises to work in collaboration and integrate their methodologies to turn out quality software releases more quickly and efficiently to ensure continuous deployment. Zeptoh enables continuous integration and continuous delivery mechanism to adopt DevOps in to our agile development process.