Unique use cases,
a common thread

The use case for Zeptoh's services range from the traditional to the high tech, but they all have one common thread:

From small to large, traditional to technology driven, we are proud to help customers of all sizes and verticals accomplish
their goals.

Zeptoh Solutions enhances Test Automation Product from Smart Software Testing Solutions

Smart Software Testing Solutions (SSTS) is a leading provider of Mobile App Test Automation Tools. The company’s cloud-based technology products, pCloudy and OpKey, focus on streamlining and improving the software development lifecycle by employing manual and automated testing.

" As the second largest contributor to Sahi Open Source Test Automation Tool, along with our expertise in SaaS based automation, we made OpKey even more powerful and simpler for use by customers in their test automation projects. We were able to achieve all the objectives of this software development services project within the stipulated time."

Venkatesan Elangovan,

CEO & Founder, Zeptoh Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"Our team used their expertise across various test automation tools to deliver 100% of the objectives for the Appvance Designer project. Our Outsourced Product Development services in Testing will enable Appvance customers to take full advantage of their powerful Test Automation Software."

Venkatesan Elangovan,

CEO & Founder, Zeptoh Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Zeptoh Services Enable Appvance to Create an Unified Test Automation Software

Appvance, headquartered in San Jose, California, develops innovative solutions that help enterprises modernize the way they deliver applications, and measure improved business results. Appvance Designer is a unique code-less recording environment for rapidly creating and automating complex data-driven use cases by automatically creating easy-to-edit, ultra-low-brittleness scripts.

A Customer Case Study on Big Data Product Benchmarking executed by Zeptoh

Cloudera provides the world’s fastest, easiest, and most secure data platform built on Hadoop. It solves the most demanding business challenges with data. With a foundation of 100% open source software and open standards, Cloudera’s platform delivers more flexibility, more cost control, and better results for your business. Cloudera BDR features provide an integrated, easy-to-use solution for enabling data protection in the Hadoop platform. It provides the necessary capabilities to ensure that the data is available at all times, even in the face of the complete shutdown of a data center.

The patented WANdisco Fusion Active Transactional Data Replication technology provided by WANdisco guarantees data consistency and availability across any combination of on-premise and cloud environments regardless of distance and data source. This technology keeps data consistent across different data centers no matter where they are in the world. It gives organizations the ability to integrate different types of storage into the same environment. It means all your hardware is used all the time as you read and write to any data center. It enhances collaboration and increases productivity in your business.

An India's best ecommerce application has been made 40 times loading faster by Zeptoh is one among India’s best online marketplace, which provides products at best deals and offers with no compromise on quality. They have tie up with the top kitchen and accessories brands like Pigeon, Milton, Reyox, Foce, etc.,

Zeptoh has implemented the code injection system for Cisco to identify the quality of their ELA Application

Cisco Systems, headquartered in San José, California, in the center of Silicon Valley, that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products through its subsidiaries. Cisco specializes in specific tech markets, such as Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, and energy management.

"Our team used their expertise across various test automation tools to deliver 100% of the objectives for automating the Cisco Enterprise License Agreement application. Our Outsourced Product Development services have enabled Cisco's quality team to take full advantage of Appvance UTP, a powerful Test Automation Software."

Venkatesan Elangovan,

CEO & Founder, Zeptoh Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Zeptoh helps Clevermoe on Social Media Influencer Marketing technology for brands, organizations, and advertisers

Clever Moe is a new Social Media Influencer Marketing technology and service company for brands, organizations, and advertisers. Social media marketing can be great but it requires a lot of attention and time. We make all that easy, scalable, and effective for you. Zeptoh Solutions is a preferred technology partner for clevermoe on performing all of their research, design and developing the all-new innovative Social Media Influencer technology.